Glass Vase  with Green Plant, Still-Life

Glass Vase with Green Plant, Still-Life

Designs by Clare Stokolosa
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This is a watercolor of a glass pitcher and plant I painted while sitting at my new work station studio at my window in my apartment.  I moved a part of my home studio to the window to catch the light. I want to add a little fact that prompted me to paint this. Did you know there are two words for a pitcher in Italian, la brocca is the Italian word for a large glass pitcher and il bricco can be a small or large pitcher made from metal or other materials such as ceramic. Il bricco di latte is what I would use if I wanted a small pitcher of  milk on the side for my coffee. I am only adding this because  discussing these two words with friends  lead me to do this painting and  a watercolor of another ceramic pitcher. I thought it would be fun to give a little background on the painting. This painting comes framed in a 2 inch white mat and classic black frame and is ready to display.